3%. Com Properties® is the trade name of a franchise group that empowers and enables attorneys to function as estate agents within their existing legal practices.

The service is truly unique as it is (1) a one-stop, (2) performed by attorneys and (3) the sales commission is a mere 3%*.

Our slogan, “Lawyers selling property … it makes sense!”®, is premised on the fact that it is a service performed exclusively by attorneys and conveyancers and is a logical and practical extension of their existing property law services.

The service includes the valuation, marketing, selling and transferring of immovable property (both residential and commercial).

3%. Com Properties® also assists in arranging finance, registering bonds and securing all insurance needs, if required.

In May 2003, Maartens Heynike, a practising attorney of Randburg, started the business within his legal practice.

It proved to be hugely successful and from there the idea, of developing the business into a franchise model and making it available to other attorneys, was conceived.

Since 2014 to date, the Franchise Group has expanded from a mere 4 franchisees to 40 at present and is expanding rapidly.

It is therefore understandable and unavoidable that the estate agency industry has been disrupted and, regrettably, misinformation has been circulated that the operation of 3%. Com Properties® is unlawful and not compliant with the law.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Each franchisee operates within the law and complies fully, both with the rulings of its relevant Law Society and the provisions of the Estate Agency Affairs Act, No.112 of 1976.

In terms of section 1(d) of this Act, each franchisee performs the functions of an estate agent,

  • “… on his own account…”
  • “…in the course of…”
  • “…in the name of…”
  • “…and from the premises of such attorney’s… practice…”.

It is truly:

  • a unique and comprehensive property service,
  • performed exclusively by attorneys and conveyancers,
  • with pride, integrity and professionalism.

*Excluding Value Added Tax

What makes 3%.com Properties different?
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