Here are some “Interesting” facts we thought you might like to know.

  • 3% of the world’s population is truly wealthy. (Like take a trip to the moon on spare cash wealthy).
  • 3% of the earth’s water is fresh.
  • 3% of vehicles sold in the USA is manual shift

Now here is a Super Saving fact that we know you will want to remember

  • 3% is the commission you CAN pay your property sales agent!!!

Yes that’s right 3%.Com Properties has arrived in the beautiful University town of Stellenbosch. Besides being home to the world renown Stellenbosch University the town is surrounded by vineyards of the Cape Winelands and the mountainous nature reserves of Jonkershoek and Simonsberg. We are proud to be part of this heavenly place.

Our real estate practice is part of a national franchise network of Attorneys and Conveyancers specialising in the marketing and selling of immovable property legally and effectively. Our operation provides a comprehensive service to property owners and buyers including the valuation, marketing, selling and transferring of residential and commercial property.

Our vast property and legal experience truly puts us ahead of the pack. Constant and pro-active networking with financial services providers and bond specialists gives us the edge in assisting our clients in obtaining property finance at the best possible interest rates. In addition to registering bonds we are able to assist buyers in obtaining necessary insurance cover should this be required.

The business model of 3%.Com Properties is unique as only practising Attorneys and Conveyancers are eligible for membership or ownership of a Franchise. As specialist property lawyers we are fully capable and equipped to provide comprehensive legal advice and conveyancing services on all your property transactions.

3%.Com Properties Stellenbosch is owned and managed by Shrives Incorporated Attorneys, Notaries and Conveyancers. Under the guidance and management of Mariska Shrives who is an Admitted Attorney in the High court of South Africa, you can rest assured that you and your most valuable assets are in safe hands.

3%.Com Properties in Stellenbosch is truly a “ONE STOP SHOP” for trading in real estate and for this reason our legal and conveyancing services charges are highly competitive in an industry that generally is overly expensive. This truly goes a long way in today’s challenging economic climate.

So why should you visit 3%.Com properties in Stellenbosch?

Seller: You only pay 3% commission. SAVE… SAVE …SAVE!!!
Buyer: You pay less as we only charge the seller 3% and our legal fees are competitive. SAVE… SAVE… SAVE!!!

Our Specialist Services include

  1. Conducting expert and accurate property valuations
  2. Marketing and advertising your property on all local, national and international platforms
  3. Finalising all aspects of the sale agreements and supporting documentation
  4. managing bond applications
  5. manging all legal and statutory requirements
  6. Conveyancing (bond registration and registration of transfer)
  7. Assuring legal and binding property ownership with full in-house legal support
  8. Ensuring safe and Secure property transacting

Final Fact:

So everyone says that all good things come in 3’s right. WRONG!! All good things come in 3%.Com Stellenbosch.

You will find us at:
Regus Offices, 305
43 Andringa Street

or contact us at 021 808 1810

Are you selling or buying property?
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